You will find a unique experience at Damali Life Spa! Damali, which translates to "beautiful vision", aims to offer an atmosphere of education, health, and relaxation by offering several different services condusive to self care and improvement of all around mind and body health. Discover your skin's natural beauty with customized facials, indulge in relaxation with massage, and rejuvenate with yoga!

It is extremely important at Damali Life Spa to fulfill the purpose and responsibility to humanity by providing services and classes to enhance the quality of one's life experience, as well as donating a percentage of profits to a chosen organization each month. These organizations consist of groups that are working toward the health, education, and unity of their communities, and are chosen by Damali Life Spa at the end of each month. Suggestions for such organizations are welcomed and can be sent to Teigan at damalilifespa@gmail.com.